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Unlock the power of communications and visibility for your EU projects with Proximo.
Communication and visibility make a difference.

Your organization has a meaningful mission. You’re using the power of EU funding to improve quality of lives, end poverty, fight for social inclusion, or simply make your local community a better place. But you can’t achieve your true potential until you fully leverage the power of communications and visibility.

That’s where we come in.
Proximo is a nonprofit network of professionals in the sector of EU projects communications and visibility. We support you in designing and implementing communication and visibility strategies and plans for the EU projects that help you achieve your projects' goals, advance your mission, and drive more social change.
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What We Do

We only work with projects funded by the EU, so we understand better than anyone else what it takes to turn communications and visibility into tools for the impact desired by the EU programs and their indicators. We work with organizations like yours in six distinct ways:


We know exactly how to create the most efficient and professional communication and visibility vectors to make your EU project a success.


Bringing strategies and plans we’ve built together to life, involving tactics like content/inbound communication, media relations, web 2.0, social media and more.


Checking your processes, administration and reporting, in order to ensure their compliance with all the relevant communication and funding requirements.


Establishing and maintaining close relationships with the research community, the media, policy-makers, potential investors, funding agencies and the wider public.


Communication is a rapidly evolving practice in nonprofit sector. Stay ahead of the curve with research, insights and other resources that will empower you to work smarter.


Get the training and coaching you need to make your internal communication and visibility skills and structures bigger contributors to your EU project success.

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