Compliance Support

Ensuring compliance with the EU communication requirements

Once you have been granted EU funding, you are obligated to meet a number of communication requirements. This requires specific expertise and resources. You can choose to organize this yourself, or choose to use our EU communication compliance support.

We provide different levels of service: from informing you, to reviewing your communication procedures and processes, to organizing and executing your entire communication management and compliance process.

Our compliance services at a glance


Why you need to organize your funding management and compliance

All funding schemes, especially European schemes, include extensive financial and administrative obligations. Most of the time, it is a tough task determining what obligations you need to fulfil. Also, carrying out those obligations usually puts a strain on your organisation, usually due to lack of personnel or lack of knowledge on funding demands. Moreover, funding payments are only done after proper financial reporting; not complying with formats and rules will lead to lower payments or even risks of having to pay back previously received funding.


Providing you will full funding compliance and control

Proximo informs you about the communication, financial, administrative and reporting requirements during the realisation of your funded project. Based on this information you are able to set-up your internal project organisation and procedures. We support in checking your communication processes, administration and reporting, in order for you to be sure that these are compliant with all relevant funding requirements. We advise in setting up your communication project management, administration and reporting procedures. We provide tools and train your staff. And we are fully responsible for the execution of the communication project management; we implement the project communication and prepare and submit the interim and final reports for the funding authorities. We can help you with our full package, but we also offer our support separately; whatever suits you best.


How do our services work?

In informing you about your communication requirements, we:

  • arrange kick-off meetings
  • deliver a manual for your communication
  • offer support through a helpdesk
  • train your staff involved

During the review of the process and project communication, we:

  • audit the design and function of the communication organization and internal control
  • review the mandatory interim and final reports
  • check amendments and communicate with funding bodies
  • perform quality control on audit preparation

In setting up your project communication, we:

  • define the communication organization and internal control (CO/IC)
  • provide tooling for project communication and control
  • perform project communication
  • prepare for and coordinate communications segment during external audits

Experience & results

Take a look at our current and past collaborations

Annually, we support organizations within over 30 national and European funding programmes. With our compliance support, you get:

  • communication and visibility which is compliant with requirements set by the funding authority
  • revised and optimized interim and end reports
  • audit-ready communication reports
  • timely and maximized funding payments

Your Benefits

Efficient Project Communication

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Maximized Funding

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Faster Deployment

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Better Resources

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Happy Employees

We are managing your weak spots so you can focus on your core competencies.

Better Image & Positioning

Positioning is everything - EU funding communications offer both opportunities and threats – working with Proximo ensures foresight and commitment to succeed.

Providing you with full communication compliance and control.

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